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Only minor tweaks, depending on your team composition, and damage talents, should be changed over all.
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Take for example e talent: Fury of Stormrage reduces the mana cost of your Wrath spell, and gives you chance per damaging hit, to make your next Starfire instant.Talents: 7/3/31, advantages: This is your premier mainstream restoration build.Enter to win today!Family and friends and traditions bedeck home voucher code and joy what better way to spend the holidays?There are typically two ways to build healer talents.My favorite part about this build has to be Furor (Allows you to shape shift into a form with energy or rage already gained).But remember, as a Druid, survivability and healing (In that order) are always your first priorities, which is the reason behind choosing Barkskin.Enter to win 3 Prizes worth 1,350, contest, new, added: 2 hours ago.In other news, Druids have been, in my boy friend's words, "Anally reamed." I'm just going to assume that means nerfed, but that's no reason to not put up a guide!(Druid Caster DPS specialization) Simple, so healers now have an opportunity to specialize into damaging spells, and actually deal out some hurt.Now I know audio equipment isn't my specialty, it's actually Mac's, and you can follow him here at: m but it's patch day, I'm in a great mood, and this headset is completely bad ass.Furor is an amazing talent to get that quick bash off on a target, when you need to help your partner out, and stun a healer or DPS.Tristie here, and in honor uk championship snooker 2017 prize money of our 100th follow, we'll be giving away a, razer Carcharias headset!

You know how things work, leave a comment, and you're automatically on the list to be randomly chosen.In honor of Ergonomics Month, you have a chance to win a Lift35 Standing Desk Converter!You can go into a more damage-centric build, where you retain your high end healing abilities, but are able to spam low damage spells.Enter to win 144 Prizes worth 21,300.Expires: in 9 days, grand Prize is a 2,000.00 1-night trip for 2 adults 21 to see Kesha and The Struts perform at Ocean Resort Casino; transportation to/from airport/hotel; meet greet with Kesha; and a meet greet with The Struts.So in my personal opinion, do not specialize into these, unless if you're leveling.These new damage talents are excellent for any 2s or 3s teams that need that extra push to down an enemy.Glyphs: Druid glyphs are extremely situational.As always, have fun, play to win., want to help out with next week's guide, become a featured blog, or claim a prize?
It could mean the difference between a win or loss.
Giveaway, new, added: 1 hour ago, expires: in 11 days 3 Winners prada fragrance gift set will receive: 1 Library of 25 Books, worth 450.00 each.