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Win form of verb

win form of verb

Bush won the Asian-American vote by 24 points.
Show More noun a victory, as in a game or 7mm stw vs 300 win mag horse race.
To succeed by striving or effort: He applied for a scholarship and won.To attain or reach (a point, goal, etc.).To gain the consent or support of; persuade (often followed by over The speech won them over to our side.The Present - win / winning / won.The winning of a battle is not enough to engage all our admiration; it must be won by an artist.Historical Examples of won Mabel's lawyer has won the most difficult case he ever fought for.Click on the timeline to see how this irregular verb changes with each tense.A paper money and monetary unit of North and South Korea, equal to 100 chon.Modern sense of "a victory in a game or contest" is first attested 1862, from the verb.Show More, can be confused one wan won won 2 wuhn, woo n, wohn verb (used without object wonned, wonning.The Future - win / won.Show More Idioms for the win, Slang.To dwell; abide; stay.
The Past - won / winning.
Fusion of Old English winnan "struggle for, work at, strive, fight and gewinnan "to gain or succeed by struggling, to win both from Proto-Germanic *wenwanan (cf.

Future Perfect Simple - "I'm sure I will have won something before the end of the season.".Show More Origin of win 1 before 900; Middle English winnen (v.To prepare (a vein, bed, mine, etc.) for working, by means of shafts or the like.Successful or mpare fail(def 19b).2018 Related Words for won conquered Examples from the Web for won Contemporary Examples of won In 1992, Republican George.W.Show More Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Idioms and Phrases with won win In addition to the idioms beginning with win win by a nose wind down wind up wine and dine wing it win hands down winning streak win one's spurs win.Show More verb (used with object won, winning.

To dry (hay, wood, etc.) by exposure to air and sun.
Future, i will have been winning I'll have been winning you will have been winning you'll have been winning he/she/it will have been winning he/she/it'll have been winning we will have been winning we'll have been winning they will have been winning they'll have been.
To obtain (ore, coal, etc.).