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Trade american eagle gift card

The writing example is a fascimile of an 1855 test.
The back of the card it says Carolina Tolu Tonic, the best remedy for Pulmonary Disease, and General Debility, connected with loss of appetite and strength.
Front reads "Biliousine is a sure cure for sick headache, dysepepsia, constipation, indigestion, sour stomach, heartburn,.".
They claimed their "remedies" could cure everything from rheumatism to nerualgia to liver and kidney diseases.Very good condition but two opposite corners are slightly clipped.Back shows southern veranda flower & gift gallery fairhope al prominent citizens in New York who will testify "that it is an efficient and reliable remedy for Headache, Dyspepsia, Constipation, and Biliousness." biliousine / Crowd looking into store display Duplicate of card above.Hot Springs Liniment / Angel holding bottle Front Back Color front shows mom mending girls arm.Dr Wm Hall's Balsam For the Lungs / Before/After of Sick/Cured Man No PIC yet Metamorphic card with color front (when folded) that shows sick man looking thru store window at bottles of product.Cudahy's Essence of Pepsin / Wife administering product to sick hubby Attractive quack medicine 1893 calendar trade card, advertises Cudahy's Essence Of Pepsin.The sides both read 20 cents a bottle.Sold by all grocers and druggists @.00 per bottle etc.Now he'll be too lame to lick." Back advertises products of the Athlophorus Company of 112 Wall Street, New York.
The back of the card has full advertising text with nice graphics.
Excellent condition with just a bent corner.

Carter's Ink Blotters See related bottles.Very good condition with crease on right side and 4 spots on back where it was glued into an album.Dinsmore, Importer of the receipt for the Great English Cough and Croup Balsam that will Cure a Cold in one day; and the Croup in one minute.Front in excellent condition; crease on back only.Color front shows an infirmed young lady by a window resting in a comfortably padded-and-pillowed chair in her robe.Bixby's French Blue / Ladies doing Laundry Front Back Color front shows two ladies doing laundry and is entitled "Bixby's French Laundry Blue".TE-NEX-INE Glue See matching bottle.Hoyt's Frog pouring bottle on flowers Front shows color litho of frog pouring bottle over flowers.Before they all look weak/frail/thin, after strong/happy/plumper.Sim's Anti-Constipation Bitters / 1901 Ad Ad from 1901 magazine that partly reads "The Keystone To Health ms'Anti-Constipation Bitters-Positive Cure for Chronic restores you to Health, And the full vim, vigor and happiness of life We will send a full sized bottle, Carriage Prepaid anywhere.Indian Queen Perfume Great chromolithography, excellent condition 4 1/2 by 3 1/8 inch tradecard advertising Indian Queen Perfume.
On the back It has all sorts of pictures showing the uses for their product.
Ferrett, maker of Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills and Vegetable Syrup.