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In February 2015, shortly after Ian's wedding to wuthering heights gifts uk Jane, he finds out that his son Bobby Beale (Eliot Carrington) killed Lucy and that Jane has been covering for him.
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19 Tosh is a firefighter who is as billed "as strong, feisty and bright".He then returns him home and Lee tells Mick that he has no problem with him and Shirley seeing each other.Pam helps Donna see the brighter side of life, encouraging her to make peace with Kat and getting her a date for Valentine's Day.Linda decides she has to leave Walford with her son Johnny Carter ( Ted Reilly ) to be with and support her mother through her illness.Police Family Liaison Officer for the Beales after, lucy Beale is murdered.Emma spends Christmas Day with the Branning and Beale families, but ends up asking questions about Lucy, which upset the others.It's already so exciting to watch the chemistry between Roger and Lin on set, playing characters who have been together for so long, they know each other inside out.He returns as a surprise for Linda on her birthday.At Paul's funeral, Pam makes a truce with Ben after hearing his emotional eulogy for Paul and later decides to allow Les to be Christine, realising that she may need him to show this side of his personality.Lee begins to develop clinical depression, which leads to him missing work and being discharged from the Army when he punches one of his colleagues who flirts with Whitney.February saw, stacey Branning return with her daughter, lily and also her new boyfriend, Luke Riley, followed.Donna is later rude about Patrick Trueman 's ( Rudolph Walker ) stroke, and clashes with Fatboy ( Ricky Norwood a fellow stall holder.She returns to Walford in December and finds out that Linda was raped.Kat pretends to be the cleaner Luke and Stacey have hired, but when he works out she is an imposter, she flees believing he will call the police.She later returns home to talk to Les, but when she gets hesitant again, Les moves out to give Pam some space and time as her friends and her job are clearly in Walford.

Despite this, on his way to work, Lee talks to Patrick Trueman ( Rudolph Walker who gives him advice on his marriage.Inside Soap reported that Nancy's parents Mick and Linda hate Wayne, and called him "feckless".He arriva trains promo code 2016 departed on 23 September 2016.Aleks reunites with Marta and Ineta leaves with her parents, returning to Latvia.81 When the twins are one month old their home is burned down by Alfie as part of an insurance scam; this results in Kat being badly burned and spending a month apart from the twins to recuperate in hospital.Director: Gill Wilkinson; Executive Producer: Dominic Treadwell-Collins ; Writer: Liz Lake (1 September 2014).A b Director: Richard Lynn; Executive Producer: Dominic Treadwell-Collins ; Writer: Matt Evans (20 November 2014).88 In April, Tom takes part in the Walford half marathon dressed as a gladiator, running with nurse Sonia and her girlfriend Tina Carter ( Luisa Bradshaw-White ).the police take a DNA sample from Lee, before he returns to the army.I grew up watching EastEnders so this is really exciting for me!" 17 Executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins added: "I've always loved Matt and it will be a real treat for viewers to watch him and Lacey together on screen as part of her return.Retrieved b Inside Soap Awards 2014 longlist revealed Soaps News Digital Spy a b c d e f g Dainty, Sophie (12 December 2013).
Feeling that Cindy needs a change, Jane drops Cindy and Beth off at Masood Ahmed 's ( Nitin Ganatra ) house and admits to the Masood family that she abandoned Beth.
After kissing Stacey a second time and regretting it, Kush finds out that Shabnam is five months pregnant with their child.

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After another encounter with Les at the pub, where she admits she is unable to get the image of Christine out of her head when she sees him, Les calls Pam, telling her to meet at the allotments where he plans to burn Christine's things.
She calls him pathetic and says he disgusts her but says she will not tell Mick because he is dealing with the stress of Linda being in Spain with her mother Elaine Peacock ( Maria Friedman who has suffered a stroke.