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I've read of wet dreams but I haven't read about a female getting one.
My boyfriend and I have recently engaged in intercourse.I'm a virgin, and I sometimes masturbate.I suggest you give up the humping forever and after you have stopped for a week or so, work at masturbating to orgasm using only your hands.It's been very helpful.Last year I made friends with an Amish girl who was starting her rumspringa.The last time I masturbated was Monday.If you persist in having intercourse anyway, I suggest you start using condoms at the very least.
"The Strokes join Blur and Taylor Swift to headline BST Hyde Park 2015 News Culture".

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I would suggest you come up with a plan for sex and masturbation that might say you will have sex three or four times a week (or whatever number you think is right) and that he (and you) can each masturbate once or twice.That is all normal.Is there anything to be checked?Using a water-based lube while you masturbate can go a long way to prevent bruising.In other words, more than 14 minutes of a 15 minute session.It's something partners can share together.Have you ever had a pelvic exam from a gynecologist?Some of the answers you gave others convinced me that it was because I have no privacy.
Albert Hammond Jr: 'The guy from The Strokes' on going solo again, and beating addiction Interview with, December 2013.
I'm also wondering if I'm going to have that reaction to my partner's penis when I start having sex.

The substance might have been sexual fluids that had been building up and were ready to be released.
Those are two people who should tell them what they know.
21 Not long after recording began, however, the band became frustrated with Chiccarelli's reserved production style.