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Mrs Bramwell Booth, daughter of the founder of the Salvation Army, visits Dunstable.
1137 King Stephen and his court spend Christmas at Dunstable.The Lion and the Peacock are mentioned as being near the Swan.The Royal Marines visit Northfields School.1250 Ten tons of lead mined in Derbyshire are put on the Priory's refectory roof.1533 Court sitting in the Priory annuls the marriage of Queen Catherine and King Henry viii.They attract a great deal of attention as they drive off after the wedding.75th anniversary of Dunstable Town Bowls Club.Disused Renault Trucks factory demolished in Boscombe Road.1884 Death of Sarah Waterfield of the hat-making family.He was taking part in an experiment to study which vehicles threw up the least amount of dust.Hang gliders flying again at Dunstable Downs after ban by council.1649 First Saracen's Head, owned by Richard Smith, occupied by Thomas Smith, landlord.The event is banned by the King.Cookies Cream cocktail bar and club opens in Grove complex.Children see "little blue man" (alien visitor?) on Studham Common Prince Philip arrives at Whipsnade by helicopter for meeting of the Zoological Society.1784 Road made from Dunstable to Luton.

Edlesborough church bells ring again after 30-year silence.Contractors levelling a site in High Street South discover a 75ft-deep well concealed only by rotten wood and a layer of bricks, mortar and earth.A child sent to buy paraffin had been given the wrong fuel.Dunstable police station connected to telephone network.Five hundred torch bearers required for the town's Guy Fawkes Carnival, with character costumes available from Mr Burch at the Nag's Head Inn or Mr Garrett, jeweller.Baptists build a secluded meeting-house at Thorn.Hugh Gaitskell MP, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, speaks at town hall.1986 General Motors shuts its Vauxhall, Bedford Trucks, operation duke program for gifted and talented in Dunstable.1793 Mr Gresham Jnr appointed organist at the Priory at a yearly salary of ten guineas.Radio One DJ David Hamilton entertains audience at Dunstable College.1863 Marriage of Prince of Wales commemorated by a dinner on the Square.