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How do you know you are buying from an ethical and reputable breeder?
The Cockapoo Breeder and Breeding section gives you important information on what to look for and questions to ask and consider, alongside important information for those considering to breed.
For people who have healthy pups no-one is questioning that, so I just ask please that for those of us who have had bad experiences, we are shown the same understanding.We took him in and were told he was very sick.Also see our feature on agility a best 21st birthday gifts for sister useful guide for the beginner and those interested to learn what is involved.He needed 3 plasma transfusions in the end and after a week of intensive care we finally heard the words we had been hoping for.Cockapoo Health Survey wrecking ball gift and Case studies and stories of health conditions that some of our cockapoos have had.If you only see positive comments or reviews ask yourself why.The breeders were in constant contact with us and our vets but they insisted 100 it was not parvovirus and no other pups were ill.
I am a caring person and was still left a little uneasy at the thought of anyone else going through a similar situation.

They were very clear and honest with us that he was very poorly and things could go either way.The vets were truly amazing and threw everything at him they could and it wasnt long before we received a phone call: he had tested positive for Parvovirus and we were prepared for the worst.I contacted several previous buyers from Raffles via their Facebook group and several replied.We had not even registered with a vet yet.It has been most unpleasant reliving this and I have done so to bring awareness.We are not spontaneous and had taken a long time thinking about this and watching the Raffles Facebook page.I turned to the new forum I had joined For the love of Cockapoos for advice and emailed the breeders.
I was also aware that had we not acted so quickly celebrity credit card rewards my story maybe very different.
I hate any form of bad feeling.

To read more about our Fundraising see  our Fund Raising section and to read about Harley see his blog Paws For Hearing.
The reports of poorly pups kept appearing, each time bringing it all back.