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Prada fragrance gift set

It is bright and happy and there is something sophisticated about.
Even at cologne strength the Dame has improved sillage over the Prada.Im confident that the product was authentic and the juice was fresh.Dame veers off into a uk championship snooker 2017 prize money feeling of desert greens while Luna Rossa seems to belong to the city.And indeed it can adapt itself to many situations.These days, it is very hard for me to look at Luna Rossa and not think of Jeffrey Dame and Herb Man.Overall, I am going to grade this one out at.I like a bit of sillage and performance in my fragrances and the extreme might be more noticeable.I use it a good bit and am never unhappy with it when it inspires a pull.Home fragrances prada prada Candy / Eau De Parfum 27 reviews, item# eau de parfum spray.68.68 oz eau de parfum spray.68 ozeau de parfum spray.68.99 eau de parfum spray 1 oz1 oz eau de parfum spray 1 ozeau de parfum.For Value, Luna Rossa sits where it should.And lavender is hard to do right.However, I would buy the extreme version if I came across it at a decent price or got below 25 on this bottle.But when you want to smell good, or have an odd size nut to fit; its always nice to be able to pick up the right tool for the job.I do not see this fragrance as exotic or on a sailboat competing with a cup or chasing werewolves or demanding notice of presence.Still, it doesn't knock my socks off, showcase greatness and demand the grade of.Its hard to find anything bad to say about it and it is well armored against any knocks.
Luna Rossa also has clear wins over the Herb Man in versatility, and performance.

They use orange as an accent and it just works though many would say it hints at soap which may slip the wrench off the bolt.I have been using about 15 ml a year and expect my bottle to last 5 years.Luna Rossa takes a step away from the soapy Infusion line and has a different feel from their Amber line and yet its still very reflective of the signature Prada dna.Its a nice tool to have around and it does a lot of things right.As a fragrance it is a tool that can adjust or size itself to many needs.The Dame has a wilderness feel and the Luna Rossa a city feel.
I get neither compliments nor complaints which is to be expected with a low sillage scent.
But I like it well enough, that I would buy the collectors bottle if I saw it for a decent price.

I like the desert.
As much as I love Jeffrey Dame fragrances, I would give a very slight nod to Luna Rossa based purely on smell as the lavender and orange added a lot to the fragrance.