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Omega seamaster tick or sweep

i'd really like to buy one of these Omegas, but I'm a little fed up with having to keep track of whether to send gifts online I've worn the watch enough to keep it wound, or whether it's gained or lost several minutes in the last couple months.
Those are wonderful watches and you can find them on ebay at quite reasonable prices.
Now the other little interesting tidbit, is that some quartz movements are jeweled, and this helps them last much longer on a battery (my Luminox goes 5 yrs on a standard battery).
Hi All, great site.It's quartz, and I wouldn't have it any other way, although I own and love several automatic watches as well.And conversely, like you say, you can easily move up from the Roleys.The 'sweep' of an automatic Rolex is just 5 'ticks' per second.Reply With", 08:24 AM #8, re: second hands - 'tick'.Quartz movements don't bother since they probably get their movements from a few limited sources.Its accurate to about 2 min a month!I love my 500m Dee Ricky G-shock, IWC Big Pilot, Selvin, JLC Memovox, Omega Speedy Pro, Vintage Seamaster, PAM 2, 16600, 16610, 16610LV, 114300, Slava Big Zero, Tudor Snowflake Vostok 2013 WUS Amphibia Reply With" May 8th, 2011 #9 Re: Should My New Aquaracer.Forgot to add these, a while back i had bought a nato tropical strap, took me some time but i managed to source a 20mm.To do otherwise would need more battery power, and most people don't mind the "ticking".Reply With", may 7th, 2011 #7, re: Should My New Aquaracer 500m have a sweeping second hand.
Omega buckle from another watch to replace the standard steel job that the strap came with.
Timezone is not the best place to go for objectivity on Rolex, folks tend to be polarized on the ttom line with high end watches (not that Rolex even qualifies as high end) is that they are all overpriced if telling time is all you.

Others at 5.5 beats/second.I sent it off to the Omega factory for a "full service" and it has been perfect ever since.Even the Rolex dims.Reply With" May 7th, 2011 #8 Re: Should My New Aquaracer 500m have a sweeping second hand I argee with all the above replies.Roleys are certainly nice watches, but in todays market, a lot more can be had for less.'sweep' Thanks for the pic.If it has a quartz movement, then the second will not sweep.quot; cheesehead said: Sweep of a Rolex is 8 ticks per second /" Most.quot; I have an Omega Speedmaster Professional that seems to have settled in at about 15 seconds per week.Reply With", 10:14 PM #24 Re: second hands - 'tick'.'sweep' get help with christmas gifts I have an auto RoleY.
Please could nysmith school for the gifted herndon va anyone tell me if it should?