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It is now time for me to lighten up on the subject.
I also will make a fresh mixture for next weekend.Medium close up of bar, favoring stage right angle.I never use an adjective or a verb that I do not believe is appropriate and true.The Trip Down - I don't know if this is going to be a recurring thing or not, but, remember (those of you who mystifyingly follow this blog) how I got stuck in traffic outside of Columbus, on my way to the Paper Dolls callback.It may prove cheaper for me, especially since I would have more time to budget for the shoot if I have built a set in a basement somewhere, rather than renting space from a business who will want me out asap.One more wide view of the bar.I liked this play about a recalcitrant but charming probation client who puts a new, fresh-eyed, naive probation officer through his paces.This Indian Chief whiskey decanter belonged to my father.Diane Taveau in her supporting role as LaVonda Dupree in the first run of Sordid Lives - when Diane moved to California, Dayton theatre lost an extremely talented female player.I am sure I telegraphed the botch to the audience - again, my freshman status glowing in the dark.The real comedy for me came in deliveries by cast members, especially the physical schtick - with Gary Poulos, as Virgil the neighbor, topping the bill in the physical comedy of the show.Well, hey, what the hell.Well, the character in the screenplay who was making the dumbass error is one who would not, so it is fortunate that I caught.Thu Sep 22, 2005 OCT-DEC, 2003 JAN-MAR, 2004 APR-june, 2004 july-SEP, 2004 OCT-DEC, 2004 JAN-MAR, 2005 APR-june, 2005 july-SEP, 2005 OCT-DEC, 2005 JAN-MAR, 2006 APR-june, 2006 july-SEP, 2006 OCT-DEC, 2006 JAN-MAR, 2007 APR-june, 2007 july-SEP, 2007 OCT-DEC, 2007 JAN-MAR, 2008 APR-june, 2008 july-SEP, 2008.Deirdre Root as supporting actor for her discomforting Christian zealot Norma in The Diviners.
Bart and John, as Bart says, have been on stage together often so they had a ready-made chemistry when Bart read.
Patsy Cline, which I'm betting earns them both Daytony's next month.

I got some contact info at Piece of My heart, too.Might also say, despite glaring flaws in my performance, cell phone deals with vouchers I don't think that was a case of "riding on other actors' waves" in the manner it would be this year.Who knows, sometime later I and one or both of the others will work together where we're actually making real money.David Finkle said, in all sincerity, that Heart should be a musical.Wonder if there are any actors in Dayton who might have an eye on that role.His big concern was that same one others had expressed about the necessity of the main character being mother's day gift from baby daughter a Scotsman - that which I think I have addressed with newer material he has not seen.The men were all in boxer shorts last time.Candy showed me some of what he's done around the their house; and he and I talked about set construction tricks, sheets of foam as woodwork, concrete, marble - stuff like that.I think she deserved recognition of Excellence, but I am glad to see she did get a nod.I have Jerry Sterner's Other People's Money which I have an interest.I'll be a few days unshaven - am right now, in fact.
As a friend said when we were talking about this, in a general way, a few days ago, "Is there something wrong with positive strokes?" In conjunction, this next point is the proposition that disturbs me the most.