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List of rewards for students

list of rewards for students

But, if you're like most time-strapped teachers, you can't fit enough of them into the school day.
Helping Roles 'Adopt' a younger student and earn (through good behavior) daily visits to how to do a gift bag check in with that student as an older mentor.Why do phone calls home always have to be negative?Let individual students earn points towards a whole class reward.An Insider's Guide to Classroom Policies and Procedures 7 Defining Characteristics of a Highly Effective School Principal.Use the simple ink stamps that you already have to let a student know that they are A-okay!Motivate your class with this simple reward.Select a friend as a "study buddy" on an in-class work assignment.It's no secret that schools only provide the bare minimum, so teachers often need to dip into their already shallow pockets in to supplement what the school provides in the classroom.Invite an adult "reading buddy" of student's choice to classroom to read with student.Select friends to sit with to complete a cooperative learning activity.
Have the teacher write a positive note to the student's parent/guardian.
Deliver school-wide announcements, help the custodian, help the library media specialist.

Academic Activities, go to the library to select a book.They'll love it and so will you!Be praised privately by the teacher or other adult.The chosen kids bring their own lunches and eat in the classroom together with you.Class Rewards * Choose Your Own Seats for the Week * Free Homework Pass * Night without Homework * Listen to Music While We Work * Extra Computer Time * 5 Minutes to Talk to Friends at the End of Class (In the target language).This helps difficult students feel like a real part of the group and it provides for a little positive peer pressure to keep them performing well.Most students will work really hard to get this kind of individualized recognition that will make a big difference at home.Prizes/Privileges/Rewards, allow student to call parent(s be allowed to sit, stand, or lie down anywhere in the classroom (short of distracting other children) during story time or independent seat work.Help a specials teacher (e.g., art, music, gym).Get a printable version of this list in my Free Resource Library (plus lots of other good stuff).Easy, Free Rewards for Your Classroom.
Be praised on school-wide announcements for good behavior or caring attitude.
Set this standard on its head by letting parents and guardians know how great their child is doing in your class.

Simply stamp your sign of approval on the back of the child's hand.
Longer Recess, this is a great one because it doesn't have to involve extra time from you.
Receive a sticker Receive candy, gum, or other edible treats Receive pass to "Get out of one homework assignment of your choice" Select a class fun activity from a list of choices Select the pizza toppings for a class pizza party Sit near the teacher.