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Place a small amount of copper anti seize lube on the threads of the barrel.
How to Build or Rebarrel a Savage Rifle.
The first thing I did is decide that I wanted.308 Winchester.308s are easy to handload for, good brass is readily available, barrel life is excellent, recoil is mild, high quality target and hunting bullets are plentiful and I could use it to shoot NRA.
If you dont have an action wrench you are going to need to get the barrel vise tight!Powdered rosin, like is used by bull riders or on baseball mitts, can help make the barrel stick in the wood blocks better.They couldnt have been better to deal with.(MOA x yards) / 100 inches (4 MOA x 700 yards) / 100.The action I used had some kind of thread locker on the barrel threads and the action threads.In my research on barrels I had found several custom rifle makers that were building rifles priced around 4000 using McGowen Precision Barrels and guaranteeing 1/2 MOA accuracy.Use just a thumb and forefinger.The really exciting news is that you can do it relatively cheap.I cut grooves in the pieces of wood with a table saw to create a barrel channel.Keep in mind that you dont have to buy a new stock.If in doubt pull the barrel and measure.
Clean the action threads.

I wanted a rifle that I could shoot the NRA Highpower 1000 Yard matches with and be competitive.I had a long action savage with small/standard threads opened up to accept large shank barrels.The problem is that Savage made changes to their rifles over the years that complicate changing the bolt ulta comenity rewards face.For example: a 3 inch group shot at 300 yards is also a 1 MOA group.Remember how this stuff comes apart so you can put it back together.How many inches equal 4 MOA at 700 yards?If you have to adjust your scope up 28 MOA to shoot 1000 yards, how many feet is your bullet dropping?Since weight wasnt an issue on this rifle I wanted a 1 piece steel scope mount.Be careful not to change your headspace.2) Two, you can buy the ones you need and resell them.It is recommended by both Brownells and Wheeler Engineering that you remove the extractor.
Use your barrel nut wrench and get it tight.