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How to win pokemon go gym battles

Ready to battle some Pokemon?
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To perform a basic attack, simply tap on your opponents Pokémon.
Gym battles arent all that complicated but can be a tad overwhelming if you go into one without knowing the pupgear coupon code fundamentals.In combat, attack by quickly tapping or swipe your Pokemon to the side to dodge enemy attacks.Compare the CP of the defenders to the CP of the Pokémon you intend to use in battle.The initial phase of Pokémon Go primarily consists of catching Pokémon and earning XP to increase ones Trainer Level.To attack your opponent, just tap anywhere on the screen; you'll see a "Very effective!" or "Not very effective followed by a drop in their HP or a "Dodged!" if they avoided your attack.Defending a Gym in Pokemon.If any other challengers dare take on your particular outpost, youll be rewarded for defending it with Pokécoins.Ignore the opposing creature's attack animations in some cases, you'll see the "attack" hit your Pokémon long before the actual damage shows.Its sam's itunes gift cards a number which youll see it in the upper-left corner when you tap on a particular gym.As your gym fends off its opponents, more slots will become available for new trainers to join and enhance the gyms defenses.Players can control gyms by defeating Pokémon that have been stashed there by the last player enough times to lower the gyms Prestige level.

So go find a Pokemon GO gym and challenge the current champion!How to dodge and attack effectively.Water extinguishes fire, fire melts ice, etc.Its best to have fighters that span a variety of element types in order to increase your chances of having a type advantage over your opponent.The best way to win a battle is the art of the Dodge.So, youve caught some powerful rare Pokemon, or maybe youve levelled up your.This, pokemon Go Gym Battles guide offers several tips to help players prepare for gym battles in Pokémon.If your Pokémon stack up against the opposition, then proceed to challenge the gym and begin battle.
Until then, you should focus on catching as many Pokémon as you can in order to level up and have plenty of Pokémon at your disposal to prepare for battles.
Element types are an important factor in gym battles as well.