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How can the popular vote not win

Anti-electoral citizens believe that they should have control of who becomes the president.
Presidential Candidates were the choice of a majority of the voting public (who do ordasoft coupon code not elect the president or the vice president) but did not win the election.
Suppose Clinton had held onto Michigan and Pennsylvania, and Alaska had gone Libertarian.
To win that vote, you must have a majority, not just a plurality.If we can somehow compromise the situation I think that our nation will benefit the greatest.Bernie Sanders, whose presidential campaign won 22 states and 13 million votes before losing the nomination to Hillary Clinton, is laying out his agenda.Two significant and highly regarded options were a) Congress selects the President and b) the popular vote.The votes are not secret.The president is not elected by total popular vote but by electors elected independently by popular vote from each state.All of the assembled electors sign both lists, which are also known as Certificates of Vote, after which they are sealed and delivered to the President of the Senate to be counted before a joint session of Congress on the following January 6th.The disadvantages of the Electoral system are obvious.

Gore decision from the Supreme Court ruled that the method that Florida's recount was being handled (which was not consistent in each county) was unconstitutional and that no constitutionally valid recount could be completed by the December 12, 2000 deadline, effectively ending.In the 1824presidential election an individual needed to receive at least131 electoral votes out of the 261 total electoral votes.Copies are also sent to the National Archivist and the state's Secretary of State.It reminds me of how insignificant I am in the process.Rules pertaining to the electoral college are in Article II Section 1 Clause 2 and in the 12th and 14th Amendments.Either by custom, or in a few states, by law, electors vote for their party's choices for the two offices.Times Union 10 Nov.Whether a state has three votes or thirty-three votes, its electoral voters are only supposed to vote for the candidate they have been pledged to (6: dallas cowboys xmas gifts 159 -162).The Election of 1824 is known as the "Corrupt Bargain".
A majority is270 - one more than half of the total number of 538.