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Hen party game prizes

hen party game prizes

The team to get the most right wins.
Let kids climb in and out and play inside.Hen Party Dares If youre going out, add extra fun to the evening and a competitive edge with some dares.If youre still in the early planning stages of the hen do, then dont miss our pick of 47 amazing hen party ideas either.While singing the song put your right arm in the circle, take your right arm out, put your right arm in and then shake it up and then down, then have your index fingers point to the sky while turning in a circle, clap the.Take your left arm out (everyone takes their left arm out of the circle).Make a target board to match your theme by decorating a large box. .Portrait Studio All the party guests draw a portrait of the one year old!Tape the paper to the top of a table, or if it is nice outside make a easel by taping the poster board to a fence.Pictionary Hen Party Games - Just like the old school game of Pictionary, this version has been designed to help suit the hen party celebrations!Hold up one item like the ones you have hidden and tell them to search and find the items. .Set out prizes that you will give out that match the ducks numbers.Truth or Dare Hen Party Games - This whacky game sure is a safe bet and will defintely make the hen party celebrations more amusing and interesting!Bean bags are passed around fast to keep the hen away from the fox. .

Naughty hen do games always go down a treat in our experience!Funny Mr Mrs Questions Hen Party Games - How well do you know the future Mr and Mrs?Toilet Paper Couture Hen Party Games - Who needs a designer wedding dress when you have a bunch of creative and talented kinds who can make one for you!Hen, party, advice for the Bride, ask the hens to write down some valuable (or funny!) advice for the bride, she can then read these out to the group and you can guess who suggested what.This is a fun activity when guests are waiting in line to have a piece of first birthday cake or before the 1st party starts and guests are arriving.Let them draw with colors and markers on the big poster boards. .Find out with this fun lighthearted game!Spot Your Charade Hen Party Games - How good are you acting skills?This game is fun for all ages. .Laughing Hen Party Games - For a simple yet effective way of getting the ladies to giggle aloud, this game is guaranteed to do just the trick!Each team is given a body part to make, but theyre not allowed to see what the other teams are doing.
New Nicknames Get the bride to come up with nicknames for all the hens and reveal them with a name tag, a fab badge like the ones above from Livi Belle, or a personalised sash for each girl.
Have an adult stand up in front personal creations birthday gifts of the kids and other party guests and start patting their head - then ask the 1 year olds (along with the adults) to pat their heads. .

Whos Who If you want a hen do game that really challenges the bride, ask all the hens to write down a fact about themselves on a post-it note.
Memory Lane Hen Party Games - Have everyone reminiscing over happy memories with the Bride-to-be!