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Hearthstone decks with highest win rate

hearthstone decks with highest win rate

Xixos and Glasers builds are good representatives of this development, which has had a very positive effect on Odd Rogues win rate.
Token Druid builds utilizing Wispering Woods are the most intriguing ones weve seen so far, and it will likely take a bit more time to assess whether these efforts can lead to consistent results.
Despite being given a set of cards centered on the Burgle mechanic, she does not care.Prior to the Standard rotation this deck almost looked like it was auto-completed.Frozen Throne also started the trend of giving out a free legendary card.Cube Warlock is the most well-round and flexible deck in the format, and the one thats most difficult to consistently counter.The most popular class in the game on day 1 of the expansion, sporting 18 of the field, Hunter has rapidly declined to the 7th spot. .
Ultimate Infestation does a good job of keeping this deck from running out of steam, but The Lich King can help with that as well if UI isnt enough for you.

Despite its poor matchup against Quest Rogue, it has one unique trait that can be observed in the matchup table.Four different archetypes make up the class numbers: Odd, Tempo, Miracle and Quest.Casies Miracle Rogue build, which has seen success by multiple players at high legend ranks, returns to an old favorite in Questing Adventurer in order to beat up on the slower decks in the meta.Zoo, Aggro Mage, and Token Druid both have very good transitions to meta lists.The 1/2 body trades well with popular early minions, such.Rising in play in order to counter slow decks such as Taunt Druid, the archetype has seen consistent success at high legend ranks over the past week.Its biggest stumbling block is the Warlock matchups, which are absolutely horrible, and push the archetypes win rate below 50, but it maintains a respectable win rate thats far better than what Shaman was used how to win florida scratch offs to during.
These minions apply less immediate pressure on the opponents life total but stick to the board better.
Glacial Shard, glacial Shard is a decent turn 1 play going second.