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Read More Our Vision and Mystic Mission: Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker are well known television psychic mediums who communicated with the Spirit of Princess Diana on live TV to a world audience.Julian assange makes escape attempt Assange makes a dash to escape the country during a nearby street protest.In the 20 video, I also mention Hawaii (Correct 10:10 already we are seeing unprecedented worldwide seismic activity and earthquakes.) Note I also predicted on the Russian Television and on the video that we would have unprecedented earthquakes including Hawaii ) The Southern seas.I am making this video in 2017 so more may yet happen this year and I believe the Italian Banks will trigger more problems in 2018.Our ultimate goal is to open a spiritual center that will be the platform for reiki gift certificate our mediumship and the focus of our spiritual teachings and workshops.Appointments are limited so book now.Only divine grace can change its course.Volcanic Eruptions I said there would be a big eruption in Iceland and India soon which has not happened yet.Is the Future Set?NEW british space project announced Big money invested into space projects.We know things like Brexit are going to happen but I have also included predictions here for unexpected events.
Karma AND free will, karma is the result of past actions.

The Golden Age will dawn within us and for many, it is already happening.His gifts are remarkable.Jane and I now do our public work for free.Our vision was to provide a safe haven for psychics where they could meet to discuss ideas snowbasin utah discount lift tickets and learn about mediumship and clairvoyance.Google brought TO account.New British telescope to study the Sun.