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Guy who predicted cubs win in yearbook

Michael Lee's prediction that the Chicago Cubs would win the 2016 World Series (Marcos Meza).
Game 7 to clinch the World Series.
A Twitter user by the name of Thomas j Dale posted a handmade naturals discount code picture on social media last week to claim his mother had shown him her yearbook from 1993, in which Mr Lee makes the prediction.In ours the text is noticeably different.In addition, WGN attempted to reach Michael Lee, who reportedly lives in Chicago, but had not had their call returned.Perhaps, but its here where things get murky.Origins of sports savant Michael Lee begin with Marcos M, who sent in an alleged shot of the yearbook to The Heckler, a Chicago-based sports outlet that is like The Onion for the sports world.The story of Michael Lees yearbook post remains somewhat of a mystery.The yearbook photo went viral after it wasThe photo has since gone viral after Twitter user Thomas.As news spread of Michael Lees prediction it got more attention.They received a screenshot showing a post on Facebook dated August 8, which came from Marcos M, the same person who sent the photo to The Heckler.Currently theres more proof showing its real than a fake, but there remain enough questions that this could be an elaborate hoax.Under Lee's picture is the", "Chicago Cubs 2016 World Champions.Chicago (WLS), it seems a high schooler in California in 1993 bmw gifts amazon may have predicted the Chicago Cubs' success this year.
In the video, Meza displays the cover and spine of the yearbook, then flips to a page with classmate Mike Lee's picture.
He cheekily added, You heard it here first.

You heard it here first.".It's weird waking up and seeing your grade school friend's picture at the top of /r/all.Neither was social media, but one of Mr Lees classmates spoke to WGN TV to confirm the story and admit he had spoken with him in 2009 when they reconnected on Facebook to bring up the possibility of his prediction coming true.After my Dodgers lost fujitsu gift card balance it was time for me to make this go viral and BeLEEve in the Cubs for 2016.The Cubs last won a, world Series in 1908, but in 1993, Michael Lee outrageously predicted a World Series win for the Cubs in his yearbook picture.Did a high schooler really predict the 2016 Chicago Cubs would win the World Series over two decades before it could happen?"You heard it here second.Cleveland Indians to win Major League Baseballs showcase trophy, but one fan saw the victory coming 23 years ago.Michael Lee, a student at a school in Mission Viejo, California, back in the 1990s, chose his yearbook message to predict that the Cubs would win the World Series in 2016.
Dale posted a photo of the yearbook prediction that he said his mother found.
I was grade school friends with Mike, but we didn't talk much in high school.

Reddit user Tim Speedle.
Chicago Cubs fans are looking at a 1993 yearbook photo taken in Mission Viejo, California as a sign of good fortune.