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Because PageRank worked by analyzing links, the bigger the Web, the better the engine.
Page noticed that while it was trivial to follow links from one page to another, it was nontrivial to discover links back.Among a small set of Stanford insiders, Google was a hit.He reasoned that the entire Web was loosely based on the premise of citation - after all, what is a link but a citation?He thought it would be very useful to know who was linking to whom.Giving Day proceeds support scholarships for talented and deserving students, academic enhancements that will continue to set ndsu students apart and world-class research.10 Years That Changed the World.The math gets complicated rather quickly.Our unique, fully customizable programs include training in Holistic Nutrition, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Mind-Body Wellness, Western Herbalism, Yoga Teacher Training, and much more.Page, an engineering major from the University of Michigan, ended up in Brin's group.In other words, when you looked at a Web page, you had no idea what pages were linking back.

But how might an algorithm understand that fact?The ndsu community came together on ndsu Giving Day and raised an amazing 500,167 in donations in just one day! .Kleinberg's hubs-and-authorities approach to ranking the Web is perhaps the second-most-famous approach to search after PageRank.If not, you can return to graduate school and finish your thesis." He chuckles, then adds: "I said, 'Yeah, OK, why not?Obviously we spent a lot of time talking to each other, so there was something there.It proved a productive course of study.Fortunately, Page was now working with Brin, whose prodigious gifts in mathematics could be applied to the problem.Despite the fact that Stanford alumni were getting rich founding Internet companies, Page found the Web interesting primarily for its mathematical characteristics.He left high school a year early to go.
Well, it was Tim Berners-Lee's desire to improve this system that led him to create the World Wide Web.

By contrast, thousands of sites link to Intel, and those sites, on average, also have thousands of sites linking to them.

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