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Gift card trends 2016

Source Year Gift Card Statistics National Retail Federation Monthly Customer Survey 2015 On When People Use Their Gift Cards 42 of people who receive gift cards this holiday season say they will watch for a good sale or promotion to maximize the value of their.
Whether integrated into jetstar birthday giveaway incentive travel experiences, offered as high-end room gifts, or included in reward catalogs, wearable technologies are, by far, one of the hottest trends of 2017.
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Source Year Gift Card Statistics Ninth Annual CEB Tower Group Report 2015 On Gift Card Mag Stripes As mainstream debit and credit cards transition to new, more secure chip readers this year, gift card fraud may increase again because low-cost gift cards will continue.Both open and closed gift cards continue to have a strong place in non-cash rewards programs, with 67 and 50 of program owners saying in the latest Pulse Study they use these cards as part of their programs.Back to Gift Card Statistics Categories History of Gift Cards Have you ever wondered about the history of gift cards?Merchandise AND gift card expansion, merchandise and gift card programs continue to expand in the United States with 60 and 70, respectively, of all.S.In 2017 there will be major elections in several key countries in Europe: France, Germany the Netherlands to name a few.Office accessories and flowers are lowest on the list with 38 and 22 of respondents including them in their portfolio of reward offerings.Back to Gift Card Statistics Categories Gift Cards Preferences Statistics Which gift cards do women prefer?Graduations 35 purchased a gift for this occasion last year.Top Performer Tracking: To date, best practices in the reward and recognition space have been the result of industry averaging.
The Evolving Design of Reward and Recognition Programs As the need for and use of non-cash reward and recognition programs continue to grow, program design continues to evolve.
Expect increases in both the time spent managing risk and in the variety and complexity of techniques used to curb.

Digital gift cards are one way to up your omnichannel strategy.Reported virtual card load volumes seemed to moderate in 2016, but mobile card loads grew.is pushing all organizations to create their site in 100 responsive design so the content is viewable across multiple devices.52 buy gift cards for December holidays.The Incentive Federation measures over 12 different reasons organizations are running employee reward and recognition programs and nine different objectives for sales programs.Mothers Day or Fathers Day 64 purchased a gift for this occasion last year.These forces combined lead to flat or relatively small growth in the market overall in 2017.Clothing, shoes, or accessories top the list (62).) Promotions / Rewards 12 purchased a gift for this occasion.
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Back to Gift Card Statistics Categories Rewards and Incentives Gift Card Statistics The advent of gift cards has literally changed the way we give gifts.