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These new planned/structured workouts can come from four different sources today: A) TrainingPeaks, b) Todays Plan, c) Import file (.FIT,.MRC,.ERG).
In addition, youll find five default starter workouts that Wahoo has loaded. .
To start poking at things, I decided to create a workout in TrainingPeaks, I set specific targets, including wattage targets (based on FTP set in TrainingPeaks using specified durations. .
With the kickr controlling things, this was within a watt or two most times. .And in the case of workout control, Id argue the ability to go forwards/backwards through an interval, as well as to be able to sync workouts from Todays Plan and TrainingPeaks natively (with what is clearly a placeholder for other services) makes it once again.With that thanks for reading!With that set, I launched the workout, which was set to then control the Wahoo kickr trainer I was. .It changed the intensity as I went through the workout (I just tested different sections and all was well.In addition, they also added in support for controlling 3rd party trainers via ANT FE-C meaning they can finally control non-Wahoo trainers.It allows app software developers (like Zwift and TrainerRoad, but more importantly the dozens of smaller ones) to easily support new trainers without having to do anything special. .Ive long found that FE-C calibrations across the board are finicky.To validate that, I grabbed the Elite Direto trainer, which is ANT FE-C compatible and went to search for it after pressing Add Sensor: Sure enough, it finds it without issue as an ANT FE-C trainer.
Ive been toying with both for a bit, and heres a run-through on how they work.
I stupidly dropped the bolt trying to take a photo onto my cycling shoe and then kicked it across the roomand had to go fetch. .

So the next time you power on your unit itll default to showing todays scheduled workout as the starting screen: You can also just select it from within the settings menu, and list the syncd workouts to the unit (including the ones from Team Sky).Today Wahoo checked off another box on the elemnt elemnt bolt series, by adding in support for executing structured pre-programmed workouts on both cycling computers. .Within a few seconds the workout showed up: Now one thing thats cool here is that the unit will sync 7 days worth of workouts every time it talks to the interwebs. .You can adjust intensity using the scaling factor as well: In addition, you can also fast forward and rewind through the workout; useful if you need to add extra intervals, or if outdoors and something goes askew and you need to restart an interval. .Planned Workouts: First up weve got Wahoos addition of structured workout support, which enables you to download, import, or ride structured workouts. .An example being that somehow road-life got in the way and 15 seconds into a 5 minute interval you hit a stop-light. .
Keep in mind the unit will carry-forward any target limitations of the platform the workout originated from. .

The whole workout piece worked really well. .
Again to reiterate this point: You can use the workout functionality outdoors or indoors, no need for a fancy trainer.