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Extra long door sweep

Four or five shots with gifts for mom christmas etsy the Mosin-Nagant will deal with the captain.
Use the Sneaking Suit.
I had luck with Fultoning the first 12 escorts, then dealing with the last 8 by lobbing a smoke grenade at them when they were grouped close together, then tranqing them and finishing them off with a Carl Gustav round or two.The smoke will hide you from the chopper as well.I completed this op in 10:18 and got the S rank.If you hesitate the chopper pilot may see you.You'll face 28 B level soldiers: they are harder to CQC (many more than the usual three throws to knock out harder to hold up (will turn around as you approach lola shoetique promo codes 2017 can see you from further away, take more tranq rounds to knock out and.3:34 is good enough for an S rank.087 Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24D Custom Edit Five skulls and 36 escorts.

I finished this op in 13:40 and got the S rank.Divine Wind trophy 113, 115, 117, 119, 68 : Complete Extra Op 119 (Peace Walker Custom) to unlock Extra Op 68: Date with Kaz (Complete 119 with S-rank to unlock.For non-lethal users take the Mosin Nagant and Mk22.Then lie down immediately and watch for where the next two soldiers spawn from.However if you've beaten Peace Walker Type II and Custom when you come to do this mission, you'll find it quite easy.After that go down, and move forward as you aim gifted and talented test for first grade the 2 moving targets.Usually the girls can.Reach the objective in under 3:20 for the S rank.078: Tank Battle: T-72A Edit There are 20 escorts and a C Rank combat captain.Be careful not to bump into the escorts while you're planting the mine.The next one is on the head of the mech and there's another on the raised platform with a guard.
At this point he'll do one of three things: Roar, Unleash more of his spikes, or charge.