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Euphoria cologne gift set

If you want a very close scent while at your job, this can work.
Like I said earlier it's probably subconscious nostalgia somewhere when I was a kid but this scent sticks.
2 sprays, and you are ready for sexy time.But if you are looking to grab compliments from people, expect them to have to bury their face into your clothing to actually smell.When first sprayed, one is indulged heavily into the boozy prindables promo code quality of this fragrance.For me, I smell the orange mixing with the rum and cognac for the first few minutes.A burst of flowerly scent, but the musky-incense like scent 'wrapping' around the flower scent.Might have the feminine.About a half hour in, you'll be smelling the same oud/semi-sweet musk for the duration of the fragrance.Scent: 4 (Unique, but I bet many people own this).But it has the right notes to me that give it a special character anyway.I would recommend this for any ladies.
On my skin (yes I spray it on me for the test Top : The strength of concentrated eau de parfum kicks.
This works very well on both, but be easy on the trigger.

The best Calvin Klein scent that I have ever experienced.Or two on each neck pulse points (or 1 on the center of your neck and one shot on each of your wrist- and a quick touch from your wrist to knees if you are wearing skirt.If you though are looking for a great scent that is light discount tire 99th and mcdowell in those terms, then give this a try.I base this around my time at work and it really isn't the frag you wanna use while out for many hours- It will die far before you can reapply (unless you have a small atomizer filled with it at your side at all times).A spectacular flower-berry crayola experience coupon code scent, that is drinkable.Ladies, you do not want to go over board with this, its one spray to your 'in-between-your-breast' when you are wearing a low v-neck, and one shot on each of your wrist- and a quick touch from your wrist to your neck's pulse points.I am glad to have this in my collection and I will find uses for.

Light application, at it is can be used for work.
Final Score:.4/10- I really do love the scent, but the longevity and projection hold it back from greatness.