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In keeping with these scripts, according to the legend, Tavernier did not buy the Hope diamond but stole it from how can i make a gift certificate a Hindu temple where it had been set as one of two matching eyes of an idol, and the temple priests then laid a curse.
Seven other major diamonds, weighing a total of 208.29 carats (41.66 g are privately owned by Queen.12 But although he is documented as a French diamond dealer of the correct era, Colot has no recorded connection with the stone, and Frankel's rad review easy coupon code misfortunes were in the midst of economic straits that also ruined many of his peers.Merchant bankers and diplomats at work.At the Custom House.She found the stone much more appealing in this new modern style.The glow can last for anything up to 2 minutes.The Queen also owns minor brilliants and a set of unpolished fragments.(1974) At spes non fracta: Hope.One report stated that he had paid 250,000 (7.4 million today).A likely source of inspiration for the fabrications was the Wilkie Collins ' 1868 novel The Moonstone, which created a coherent narrative from vague and largely disregarded legends arriva trains promo code 2016 which had been attached to other diamonds such as the Koh-i-Noor and the Orloff diamond.
Hofer, Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds, Ashland Press 1998, isbn.
Tavernier received Patent of Nobility as part payment worth 450,000 livres 10 12 Time of acquisition: between 16401667, possibly King Louis XIV triangular-shaped 69 metric-carat gem 13 set on a cravat-pin 1674.

Making the incision alone took four days, and a steel knife broke on the first attempt, 3 but a second knife was fitted into the groove and split it clean in two along one of four possible cleavage planes.Its pigmentation is made out of gold and manganese pigments to simulate as close as possible the original color of the spinel.Talbot, Cambridge University Press, 2006, isbn,.Contents *Contents are subject to change, terracotta Wine Cooler.00, fortnum's Champagne Stopper.00."The Cullinan Diamond Centennial: A History and Gemological Analysis of Cullinans I and II".10 46 Upon its arrival it became Specimen #217868.McLean would bring the Diamond out for friends to try on, including Warren.Tavernier, who brought the stone from India to Paris was "torn to pieces by wild dogs in Constantinople." King Louis gave it to Madame de Montespan whom later he abandoned.
Evalyn Walsh McLean added her own narrative to the story behind the blue jewel, including that one of the owners had been Catherine the Great, although there are no confirmations that the Russian ruler ever owned the diamond.
Blue diamonds are extremely rare.

12 The new setting was the current platinum framework surrounded by a row of sixteen diamonds which alternated between Old Mine Cut and pear-shaped variants.