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Cuba gifts to take

Bringing sporting toys to Cuba will ensure that all the kids will love you.
It is essential for up-to-date currency, exchange and safety issues.
Cuban emergency medical insurance: Included in the cost of your ontario improv discount tickets US airline ticket.
So, some diligent packing is key to a good trip.Go to a park in Havana or any town/city on a Sunday and you will see 20 little boys all rushing after 1 worn out soccer ball, and on the other side, you will see 20 little girls, all standing in line to touch.Surprisingly enough, many message boards and forums are mentioning bras and panties and great gifts to bring to Cuba.(Note that we had heard the food was going to be terrible.Just use your best judgement.

A lot solarplexius discount code 2017 of the streets are uneven, wet, or dirty (particularly in Trinidad and in Centro Havana) so I was happy to have my Birkenstocks to get my exposed feet an inch or so off the ground and basically wore those all day and strappy.Im on a plane every couple of weeks for work and I have a toiletry kit that lives in my suitcase.When it comes to gifts to bring to Cuba, there are a number of things that will be very much appreciated by the locals.We supply bottled water on the bus during your excursions.Walking around ViƱales at dusk.Get More Donation Ideas in the Best Cuba and Havana Guide book.You might also want to get an eBook reader, and then load it with the latest titles.
Wag your finger back-and-forth with determination (indicating your are not interested) and move.
We update this page weekly based on reports from our American guests.

Our guide actually stocked up on shampoo at a highway rest stop at one point because she said it was so hard to find it in Havana.