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Cuba gifts for hotel staff 2018

cuba gifts for hotel staff 2018

So its not hard to get.
I know glassware is hard to transport, but you would be surprised at how much a nice set of cups or glasses would be for the average Cuban family.On a number of occasions people post that they leave 20 CUC for the resort-maid weekly.Bike repairs of all kinds can get done by a ponchero (repairman) for a few pesos.A Cuban can pay all his monthly bills with 2-4 dollars.They already get a lot of leftover toothpaste, toiletries and other stuff.On to the good old maid here.And some that have less.Pretty much any French city has stores selling black berets for tourists to wear, with the vague idea that this is what the locals wear.Even something like a nice set of dishcloths (tea towels) makes for an inexpensive, although highly appreciated inclusion on a list of gifts to bring to Cuba.Like in any other country there may be a lack of supply of certain items at certain times.Free health care and free education.One can only imagine the consequences when these hollister student discount online children turn young adults having been raised thinking of all foreigners as a quick way to gifts and money.Basic misconceptions, this practice of random gifting is based on the two main misconceptions about Cuba:.
So what are some basic items that would make an ideal gift?
But Cuba is not located between Canada and.

Another argument for gifting is the one of there are many things that the Cubans cant get.Few to none out of any desire to do harm.There are a number of awesome book markets in Cuba (particularly in Havana but these vintage books seem to go in circles around the island.Beauty products such as moisturizer and even makeup.Of course, not all Cubans have been turned into beggars and scam-artists whose whole lives are based on getting money from tourists, but it seems the average tourist is making sure that more are created every day.Perhaps, but many people mention tipping as much as 5 CUC per day.This question has been asked more times on message boards than any other.Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and.These things can of course be found in Cuba, but theres not a lot of variety.
Many because they think they are doing military discount hilton uk good because they have personally seen the smile on the maid's or child's face.