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While inbreeding "can have the beneficial effect of purging some damaging traits it can fix recessive deleterious traits, result in accidental selection of deleterious traits and also cause reduced fitness (see inbreeding depression ).
Another problem that plagues the breed is heart disease.
I was advised to keep my head down."."Kennel Club changes breeding rules after BBC suspends Crufts".She rang Newton - Welfare Officer at the club - following the event after reading hurtful Facebook posts about her."Participants should also conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion at all times and should display good manners and respect towards other participants, show officials and judges.But the ban has been backdated to November, meaning he will return to the sport in less than nine months.Excessive levels of inbreeding is caused by a small founding population (see founder effect the deliberate use of inbreeding (including line breeding) to fix desired characteristics, and closed stud books.
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club.

29 Revised breed standards edit On the Kennel Club announced that it is rolling friend gift box ideas out new health plans."A Healthier Future for Pedigree Dogs" ( PDF ).According to the programme, dogs were initially bred for practical functions such as hunting and guarding, but, in the middle of the 19th century they became a status symbol, and dog breeding became a sport.The Kennel Club stated that it "welcomes the report's focus on irresponsible breeders" and the recommendations "to tackle irresponsible breeders and to change the way the public think about buying dogs".Instead of things improving they are getting worse.Retrieved 24 December 2013.The Kennel Club defended the lack of health testing requirements, saying that it would last minute birthday gifts to buy drive breeders away from the Club.He also expressed concern about how standards would be interpreted in the show ring.Pedigree Dogs Exposed is a, bBC One investigative documentary, produced by Jemima Harrison, which looks into health and welfare issues facing pedigree dogs in the United Kingdom.

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