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Can you gift loot boxes in overwatch ps4

Overwatch is a game of many faces: it is a game of teamwork, skill, strategy and, perhaps most importantly, loot.
I still like the way Overwatch handles lootboxes ( especially since they fixed the duplicate issue especially when compared to some of the villainous implementations in other games, but I wont deny that developers getting rid of all lootboxes everywhere in AAA games is the preferable.
Somewhere out there is a gamer who thinks this is a great idea, because although hes already spent money to grab that sweet Genji skin, he can now spend even more money to do the same for his friends.
At the same time, I wonder if they don't do it because you'd only be able to gift the loot boxes on PC and don't have an agreement with XBox and Playstation on how they could send lootboxes through.If you're an Amazon Prime member you're entitled to five free loot boxes if you connect your Prime account to a Twitch Prime account.Along with things like forming chat groups and having detailed social profiles also comes the ability to purchase loot boxes in Overwatch but then to gift them to people on your friends list.Loot boxed should be no different.And in all those hundreds upon hundreds of hours of gaming none of us have ever felt the need to actually buy a lootbox.Overwatch players can now gift friends loot boxes as part of Blizzards new gifting function on the revamped Blizzard t app.In addition to monthly loot and ad-free viewing, Twitch Prime offers discounts on some boxed pre-order games, which is one of the best ways to pick up brand-new AAA releases for a little less.Although if you were to ask most people, they would actually say that the only good reason for a headline about loot boxes would be to announce that theyre being removed thanks to publishers finally realizing just how scummy the practice of forced microtransactions.Twitch Prime is included free with an Amazon Prime membership, and the free loot is a way for the online retail giant to continue capitalizing on 2014's purchase the popular game streaming service.If you're not, you can always snag them with a 30-day free trial that Amazon hopes will get you addicted to receiving USB-C cables, beard trimmers and the like delivered to your door with free two-day shipping.Lawbreakers, Warframe and, for Honor, as well as other Blizzard properties to come.Had a few good games with your friends?All of Blizzards new social features are live nowall it takes is an update.
It's possible, though not likely, that an Amazon Prime membership could wind up paying for itself in virtual goods if you happen to be interested in all of the various games in which it offers free loot.
If you got 'em, you can keep 'em.

Otherwise believe it might be a hidden milestone reward for levelling or ranking up in the game.They don't have problems with this for gifting t shop items in World of Warcraft.And that is where these things get dangerous.Check this page for details : the promotion runs until Sept.The recipient will have to redeem the loot box once its been in app purchase gift card android sent over.Either way, buying a Playstation or XBox gift card would do the same trick if you wanted to give loot boxes on console.Dont worry if you dont have friends to send you loot boxesif youve got Twitch Prime.