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Bvlgari miniature collection perfume gift set

The EDP is dry, powdery, sweet, flowery, musky, with a faint leaf note.
A slight greenness emanates from the EDP fragrance but nowhere near as green as the EDT.After hours of wear (and horseshoe bossier city total rewards thinking it was long gone I went outside in 90 degree heat and the scent became as strong as it had been at application.I tend to lean toward parfums, but this time I really like the aquatic EDT.After that initial blast, the wonderful watery notes emerge.This settles fairly quickly into a very pleasant, warm, well blended vanilla - clean leather (or clean leather-vanilla) that smells, as I said, almost like a suede note, with rose and amber supporting.I was given a sample of this by a fellow fragrantican (thank you!) and having used up my little sample bottle surprisingly quickly I decided to go ahead and purchase a full bottle.The EDT has settled and is not so prominent.I caught a powerful lotus note mixed with wet greenery.
Couldn't decide between the EDT or EDP version, so I purchased samples of each.

To me it forms a similar "round" smell, ah it is hard to explain I don't know if other people have certain shapes or colours associated with words or smells?There is no powder, spice, or sweetness.I wonder if this is the tea accord?Marine, lotusy, very green, musky, and a touch of sparkling pear.Maybe because it does soften, or maybe because the crystalline notes numb the senses.There are also lotus and sandalwood notes, and the heliotrope is there as well.Though they both would be appropriate for daily office use.

I do like the bottle, I am not someone who is overly fussed by bottle design but this feels pleasing to hold.
I prefer the watery EDT.