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Australian reptile park discount entry

If you don't want to watch the shows with the crowds, there are always zoo keepers walking around with a snake or giant tortoise for you to pat or feed.
As well as the shows, demonstrations and talks there are friendly and helpful staff childcare vouchers small business who rove around with animals for tourists to pat and inspect.
There's an advantage in doing so if you obtain a receipt from the taxi driver.
And by the way, that's his little tail.Elvis is fed.30pm weekends, but everyday during school holidays.Australian mammals and marsupials are there, spiders (make something squishy gift sure you look for the bird eater, it's amazing!Low windows, see through fencing, steps to stand on for the snakes, walk in aviaries with no visual blocks at all.Rango is one of the most popular reptiles.The Australian Reptile Park has enclosures designed where children can see by themselves.Australian Reptile Park website.For more information visit: Australian Reptile Park website #Animals #Zoo #Reptiles #Central Coast #School holidays).This kid's loving the feel of the Reptile Park's beautiful Burmese python, named Fluffy - after the last thing she ate.
From Gosford you can use Central Coast Taxis to take you the extra 8km to the Park.
If you have your own vehicle the park's about an hour's enjoyable drive north on the scenic Sydney-Newcastle Freeway.

Rango the chameleon in fine prey-catching form at the Reptile Park.Entry to The Lost World of Reptiles can only be gained through the gaping jaws of a 30-metre-long model crocodile.Sometimes called the "Zoo with a Bite" it's set in bushland and features loads of animal interaction and exciting wildlife shows for families to enjoy.We go every year, and there's always something new to learn or see.Pick a fine day if you possibly can.Food's a bit pricey here, so pack a lunch if you can.Kenny, you are so sweet!Best of all, they provide the venom for the anti-venom vaccines for hospitals, they're successfully breeding Tasmanian Devils and have a number of other research and conservation projects in place.
Hugo is one of these giants and he's just waiting to go walking with you - slowly, of course!
How he's earned that stripe, who knows?