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(Keep in mind that used clothing can so metimes be problematic as well.
If you really want to help, you may decide to eliminate candles altogether and use the alternatives mentioned in the paragraph above.
Many homes are riddled with toxic mold, but the owners don't realize it until it has become very pervasive and very expensive to fix.Watch out for several unscented products that may still contain fragrance.The most natural options are to use natural oils and butters such as pure cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, or sweet almond oil.Regular (nano) zinc oxide, which is used in most sunscreens, is made of very fine particles that will be absorbed.Look for recipes and unique, natural cleaning solutions at Aura Cacia, EcoCycle, and other sites.This does not guarantee that these products are 100 safe for you as they may still contain chemicals that only your body will be absorbing.You will be making a world of difference.
Spend some time researching the materials you need, the toxins they contain, and safer alternatives that are available.

If you work in an industry that is by nature chemically based, you have some tough choices ahead of you.Or make your own by putting 10-30 drops of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils in a spray bottle full of water.If you are also trying to eliminate other toxins in your life, you will want to thoroughly review the ingredients of everything you buy, including personal care products, cleaning products, food, etc.Air purifiers are a big help and can be a very effective, low-maintenance tool houston astros military discount 2018 to support the health of all of your employees and customers.Brands include Larenim, Beauty Without Cruelty, Mineral Mission, Zuzu Luxe, Gabriel Color, Ecco Bella,.Naturelle also makes a fragrance-free gel which can be found at Sally Beauty Supply.If you absolutely cant or dont want to quit, try switching to a more natural cigarette such as American Spirit.A few semi-natural options for fabric softener are available from Seventh Generation, Ecover, or Maddocks Holdings PurEcoSheet Reusable Chemical-Free Dryer Sheets.Incense lingers and can still make a room inaccessible for a chemically sensitive person days later, so it is ideal not to use it at all.
Some less healthy but still fragrance-free options are available from Aveeno, Lubriderm, Cetaphil, and Eucerin.
Keeping the room as clean as possible, with safe cleaning products, will also help.

If you want to create a meditative space, there are many other options such as music, chimes or gongs, creating a safe smell with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, increasing air flow, doing yoga to create a meditative space within yourself, or using energy.
Pure witch hazel makes a great facial astringent.