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123systems promo code

Yes, I moved DNS pointers to HVH.
Please let us know if you would like the team to continue investigating your breach or if you would like to cancel service and we will stop any efforts in the works to clean up your hacked website as a courtesy.How pitiful this is getting.Ticket ID is #123-H5G8B-CDN.Would you please kind help me on this?Lol., 09:15 AM #15 Originally Posted by Betterman_SH Hello Nick, I just ordered 1 VPS from 123Systems, and selected Los Angeles for the location.I have deleted quite a few already, but here is the most recent: I'll have to get my girlfriends tickets too when I can., 02:46 PM #11 Originally Posted by CyberProbe Here is a capture from my email.When I contacted them, in broken English, they said I need to re-install Wordpress for my site to work correctly!The file referenced "p" also is a WordPress based file, WordPress is easily exploitable if not secured and kept up to date.Reason: added comment, 12:31 PM #7 Originally Posted by CyberProbe Their hosting has been horrible.

Have a good one.But finially I got a VPS locationed in Dallas.Nick - Velocity Servers Inc.Managed cPanel/WHM VPS Dedicated Servers 24/7/365 Support PayPal, Bitcoin Credit free fireworks coupons Card ColoCrossing - Hudson Valley Host - ChicagoVPS - Vortex Servers - 123Systems - BlueVM, 01:19 PM #33 Helllo Nick!I told them I AM NOT using Wordpress, but only OpenCart!Failing at desktop publishing graphic design since 1994.0, 12:46 PM #3 anks Nick!I don't have WP installed in the folders, only OpenCart!Thank you, I will get this over to the supervisor @ 123 and we will get you cleaned up and back online Nick - Velocity Servers Inc.I have so many tickets between my girlfriends site and mine.I don't understand why some hosts are not active on their helpdesk but are very active here on WHT.
So Here I am and thanks to Webhostingtalk, I may finaly have someone lookup and solve my issue with your terrible service.

I've requested either re-locate my VPS to LA or refund my order.
Expired SSL certificates, 20 days response times to tickets, internal billing issues, no email ally really bad uptime and overall service.
THX., 02:52 PM #24 Just wondering what happened to Nick?